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Being Kind

Spreading Love from the Heart

The Chinese character for “Benevolence” has very few strokes, but its meaning is extraordinary. In The Analects: Yan Yuan, Fan Chi asked about benevolence, and Confucius replied, “It is to love all men”. It can be seen from this that the foundation of benevolence is to show love and kindness to others. This has been my mission in the eight years since I joined YOT, and it is my wish to enthusiastically participate in the affairs of YOT to serve the society attentively. Thanks to the great support from all members of the Advisory Board and the Board of Directors, I have been appointed as the Chairman of the new term of Board of Directors. I feel a great sense of honour, as well as a heavy responsibility.

I thank our predecessors for their unparalleled efforts and wit, which has laid a solid foundation for YOT in providing citizens with high-quality and diverse services in the areas of social welfare, medical care, education, health and sports, environmental protection, and social enterprises. I pledge to lead the new term of Board of Directors to do more good deeds based on this solid foundation and believe we will be able to promote our message and spread love through our sincere efforts. The 42nd Term of Board of Directors will definitely uphold the spirit of “Being Kind and Spreading Love from the Heart”, do its best to fulfil its mission of benevolence, serve the society with all its capabilities, and continue promoting good deeds.

Medical Services

In the 1930s, YOT established a Chinese medicine clinic to offer free consultation and medicine. Under the leadership and support of previous Boards of Directors, YOT has actively launched a variety of medical services, and its effectiveness has been acknowledged by all sectors of the society. YOT actively listens to the needs of the industry and service users, and invites different professional organisations to have exchanges, work together to learn from their experiences, and make strategic plans to protect the health of the people.

Further Expansion of the “Kind-Hearted” Free Consultation and Chinese Medicine Program

YOT officially launched its “Kind-Hearted” Free Consultation and Chinese Medicine Program this year. Free consultation cash coupons, each with a face value of HK$100, were distributed to those in need to give them the opportunity to use these coupons to receive high-quality YOT Chinese medicine services at low-cost, reducing the burden of medical expenses of grass-roots citizens and boosting their immunity at the same time. I thank Chairperson NG Ming Chun, Jenny, MH, of the Advisory Board for her generous sponsorship under the name of her older sister, Ms NG Ming Lai, which has allowed YOT to launch a five-year expansion plan. To ensure the program benefits more grass-roots citizens in need, YOT will continue to actively connect generous people from all sectors, expand the effectiveness of the plan, and absorb the administrative expenses arising from the program to ensure all donations received are used to support patients and benefit the community.

Cooperating with the Government’s Medical Needs

Providing Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment Support for Coronavirus Patients

YOT received funding from the Chinese Medicine Development Fund’s corporate support program to upgrade infection control facilities in Chinese medicine clinics to protect the health of patients and front-line staff. YOT also provides Chinese medicinal treatments in five self-financed Chinese medical clinics for patients who have recovered from the coronavirus. On the basis of holistic diagnosis and treatment, recovering patients are prescribed Chinese medicine in a granulated form to be taken with water to relieve discomfort and regulate the body.

To meet the government’s medical needs, the Yan Oi Tong - The University of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Clinic cum Training and Research Centre (Islands District) provided Chinese pharmacy services for coronavirus patients in the community treatment facilities at the AsiaWorld-Expo, and was responsible for distributing and delivering Chinese medicine formula granules to the AsiaWorld-Expo to provide appropriate support to patients. Patients could continue to participate in the special diagnosis and treatment service of the Chinese Medicine Clinic after they were discharged. The Yan Oi Tong - The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Clinic cum Training and Research Centre (Tuen Mun District) is also a participating Chinese medicine clinic that provides recovery solutions to patients. The service includes up to ten free-of-charge Chinese internal medicine outpatient clinic visits.

Widely Recognised Outreach Dental Care

Contract Renewed to Continue Serving Citizens

With the goal of prevention-oriented early treatment of dental problems, YOT has been commissioned by the Food and Health Bureau since 2011 to implement the “Pilot Project on Outreach Primary Dental Care Services for the Elderly in Residential Care Homes and Day Care Centres” to provide basic outreach dental care for the elderly in residential care homes and day care centres. The project is widely recognised. 10 outreach dental teams provide services to approximately 20,000 elderly residents living in residential care homes and care centres, making them the large dental service team serving the most people among the others, accounting for more than 40% of the total service volume of the project. YOT has successfully renewed the contract with the Department of Health and is committed to continue providing free-of-charge, professional oral examination and nursing services for the elderly. YOT will also provide training to caregivers to alleviate the dental problems of the elderly.

Promoting the Concept of “Disease Prevention”

Exploring the Possibilities of Remote Medical Services

As Hong Kong’s population has continued to age, Hong Kong's medical services have long focused on diseases associated with old age and chronic diseases, including cancer, stroke rehabilitation and so on. YOT hopes to promote the concept of “disease prevention” in Chinese medicine by developing suitable Chinese medicine services for middle-aged people and treating common urban diseases in a manner that ties in with the principles of prevention before illness, so as to improve the physical fitness of citizens to help them live healthier and longer lives and relieve the pressure on the public medical system in the future.

At the same time, in response to the changing needs of the times, YOT will collaborate with Chinese and Western medical experts in different fields to utilise information technology with an open attitude, cooperate with plans to create a smart city, and explore the possibilities of remote medical devices in the hope of providing convenient treatment options for people with dementia and chronic diseases.

Actively Striving for Operation Rights

Tuen Mun District Health Centre

The 2017 and 2018 Policy Address proposed to gradually establish district health centres in the 18 districts of Hong Kong to provide government-subsidised primary medical services through medical-social collaboration and public-private partnerships, so as to reduce citizens’ needs for hospitalisation to relieve the pressure on public medical services. YOT’s roots are in Tuen Mun, and it has continued to seek innovative ways to meet the various medical needs of citizens under the principle of “Support the Disadvantaged and the Sick”. YOT is actively seeking support from all sectors to bid for the right to operate the “Tuen Mun District Health Centre” so that it can utilise its solid regional network and rich medical service experience to provide citizens with cross-sector professional health promotion, health assessments, chronic disease management, and community rehabilitation services to help citizens strengthen their ability to manage their own health and provide support for chronically ill patients in the community.

Social Services

YOT’s social service aims to “Caring for the Aged and the Young”, and is committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive, and timely social services to citizens, actively promoting community participation, and building an interactive and caring community.

Throughout the pandemic, our staff have performed their duties vigilantly in this difficult situation. Due to our innovative and swift response, we have strived to maintain stable services and actively assist service users to adapt to the “new normal” arising from the pandemic. To retain the valuable experience of our front-line staff for future service strategy reference, scholars and researchers conducted targeted interviews with 154 colleagues from different position grades and compiled their practical wisdom during the pandemic into books and short videos, which are expected to be released and shared with the industry in early 2021.

C-for-Chinese @JC

Building a Racially Inclusive Society

Many culturally diverse families have called Hong Kong home for two or even three generations, yet language and cultural differences have always made it difficult for them to integrate into the society. As a socially friendly organisation, YOT has always been committed to promoting racial harmony. The “C-for-Chinese@JC” Project is created and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. YOT has been active in its participation of this five-year project that aims to foster an effective teaching, meaningful and pleasurable learning, and culturally responsive environment through an innovative evidence-based model involving family, community, and school, with a view to enhancing the Chinese proficiency of non-Chinese speaking kindergarten students for their better transition to primary education and early integration into the community.

Establishment of the Home Care & Professional Development Department

In order to tie in with the Social Welfare Department's efforts to increase the deployment of resources in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, and Tin Shui Wai District to take better care of frail elders in these districts, YOT has especially established a “Home Care & Professional Development Department”, which includes 4 Integrated Home Care Service Centres, 1 Enhanced Home and Community Care Service Centre, and 1 self-funded Home Happiness Service Unit in Tuen Mun and Tin Shui Wai District of Yuen Long, to take care of more than 800 cases of patients with general or mild impairments and 370 cases of frail patients. While continuing to develop its services, the various units under the department will also strengthen collaboration and flexible handling of resource allocation mechanisms, including the mobilisation of vehicles as well as the experience sharing and cooperation of cross-sector professional teams, in order to ensure the measures taken are able to respond more comprehensively and flexibly to the needs of “Ageing in Place” elders in the districts.

Helping new residents adapt to the environment Building beloved Ching Tin Estate

YOT’s Social Services has received a grant of HK$4.31 million from “Community Investment and Inclusion Fund” under the Labour and Welfare Bureau. Implementing a 4-year community support programme for the newly completed large-scale public rental housing, Ching Tin Estate, in Area 54, Tuen Mun. To help residents of the new public housing estate adapt to the new environment.

eHealth Big Data

Improving Elderly Health Management

In response to the continuing growth of the elderly population and the increase in chronically ill patients, YOT has been awarded a grant of HK$4.15 million by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to promote a two-year “Jockey Club Community eHealth Care Project” in five elderly care centres in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Sha Tin, and Tai Po District, and a team from the Chinese University of Hong Kong has assisted in analysing big data on health. Through the application of digital health technology, elderly people suffering from chronic diseases are encouraged to participate in regular health check-ups, exercise training, and health activities at the district level to help participants manage their own health. The ultimate goal of the project is to help elderly people learn how to use electronic health management technology, so as to improve their health management capabilities and achieve “disease prevention”.

Transitional Housing Project–Hung Shui Kiu

To support the government in promoting the development of transitional housing, YOT is actively participating in the development of the Transitional Housing Project–Hung Shui Kiu of the Transport and Housing Bureau this year to aid grass-roots residents in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long District who have been waiting for public housing for many years, including families residing in inadequate housing such as squatters and subdivided flats. The consultant team appointed by the Urban Renewal Authority has completed the feasibility study on environment, infrastructure, air quality, waste management, transportation, landscape, etc. It is expected that the families will be able to move into the housing from the end of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023. The entire project will receive more than HK$220 million in funding subsidies for the construction cost, and will provide about 400 units, benefiting more than 700 people. Furthermore, YOT has closely monitored and explored the possibility of participating in the development of other transitional housing projects to utilise and share its experience in operating the “Green Garden - Social Housing” to provide support to more citizens in need.

Special Scheme on “Privately Owned Sites for Welfare Uses”

In response to the rapid development and demand for services in Tuen Mun, YOT is actively following up on its application under the Special Scheme on “Privately Owned Sites for Welfare Uses”. YOT submitted a plan that best suits the development of YOT’s services to the Social Welfare Department. A new wing will be expanded in the headquarters building to provide a nursing home, early education and training centre, and special child care centre. YOT will also strengthen the services of its Day Care Centre for the Elderly. The 4 services will provide 250 service places in total. It is expected that the technical feasibility assessment for the project will be carried out in the second half of this year, with a view to completing and start using the building in 2029.

Education Services

Children are the pillars of society. As it is part of YOT’s mission to “Promoting Education and Nurturing Talents”, YOT is committed to providing diversified and high-quality education services for the next generation. The education industry has faced unprecedented challenged under the pandemic. As an organisation that operates schools, YOT has actively responded to changes to launch timely and appropriate education projects. Through the development of online learning platforms, parents have been provided with e-learning information and assistance to allow students to learn online in real time and after school. We hope to create a model of personalised online and offline learning for students in the new digital era.

YOT Runs a New Kindergarten

3C • DRAMA Quality Teaching

A new kindergarten operates by YOT will open in Chun Yeung Estate, Fo Tan, Sha Tin, this year. The new kindergarten will adopt the 3C • DRAMA concept as its educational philosophy. A “3C” early childhood curriculum is a “Child-centred” approach that focuses on children’s autonomy and uses diversified activities to stimulate children’s “Creativity” and improve their “Communication” and “Collaboration” abilities through an interactive learning process. Whereas “DRAMA” represents a teaching method that focuses on drama elements. It also represents FIVE educational goals that the kindergarten will adhere to, namely: “Development”, “Resilience”, “Actualisation”, “Mentorship”, and “Attitude”. “3C” and “DRAMA” are TWO core concepts that complement each other and the school-based curriculum that offers “child-centred and play-and-drama based learning”, and embody the SIX development directions of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills, aesthetics, and benevolence. The new kindergarten has excellent, professional teaching staff, and is supported by YOT’s social workers and medical and sports teams. Its new school building is larger than 10,000 square feet, and it has three themed facilities, including a synthetic ice-skating rink, Yung Shue Tau Library, and a five senses stage, to provide a pleasant campus for young children’s learning.

Creating an “English” and “Music” Learning Environment

Developing a Special Kindergarten School-based Curriculum

High-quality early childhood education can stimulate children’s interest in learning and lay a good foundation for future learning. The kindergarten sponsored by YOT will establish a school-based curriculum development team and a music development team to create an early childhood education curriculum with YOT characteristics through professional exchanges and teacher training. The school-based curriculum development team will coordinate the establishment of a joint-school curriculum resource database and promote it through joint-school English activities, exhibitions, and performances. The music development team will also launch a joint-school music development project under the theme of “Sharing Music in a Happy Campus” to strengthen kindergarten teachers’ abilities and skills in designing and leading children’s musical activities through professional teacher training, teacher-student summary choir, and music-sharing parent-child day activities to learn how to express their thoughts, emotions, and creativity in a musical atmosphere.

Support for Children of SEN Families

Alleviating Caregiving Pressure

YOT has received a grant of more than HK$500,000 from the Commission on Children Funding Scheme for Children’s Well-being and Development to implement the “Love and Support for Special Education Need Families” scheme to support parents and caregivers who need to take care of children with special educational needs. The scheme plans to use parent seminars, mobile apps, parent groups, parent-child fun day camps, and community exhibitions to alleviate the negative effects of stress on the physical and mental health of parents and caregivers, as well as strengthen cognitive, behavioural, and emotional functions. At the same time, the scheme will utilise the concept of “social support” to help families with special learning needs establish “special educational needs” parent groups and will subsequently expand this to the community level.

Teacher Navigation Takes Flight

Helping Children Find Their Direction

The “Second Edition of Yan Oi Tong Mentorship Programme” was launched by YOT, title sponsored by Yuen Yuen Institute, and co-organised by “Yan Oi Tong Choi Wong Ling Ling Education Fund” in 2017. With the full support of the Education Bureau, the programme successfully helped 56 mentees to recognise their inner-self and prepare for their future career. The “Third Edition of Yan Oi Tong Mentorship Programme” will be officially launched in the 2021/22 school year. In addition to arranging regular meetings with famous teachers, the sharing of work experiences in different industries, overseas study, and optimised study allowances, this edition of the programme will focus on strengthening life planning training and provide workplace training, work shadowing experience and overseas work experience projects to help mentees recognise their inner-self, prepare for their future career, and build social networks to become professionals of the society in the future.

Yan Oi Tong Choi Wong Ling Ling Education Fund

10th anniversary of the Quality Education Programmes

The “Yan Oi Tong Choi Wong Ling Ling Education Fund” was set up to promote quality education programmes to improve students’ all-round development and global vision. In the 10th anniversary of the Fund, the Fund's three development directions will be “Promoting Traditional Chinese Culture”, “Exploring Media Literacy”, and “Promoting Exchange Activities on Environmental Protection Themes”. “Understanding Yourself Through Pictures”, one of the projects under these 3 directions, uses convenient and simple mobile apps to teach students Chinese culture by first teaching them about the characteristics of their hometown. Other projects include “Mali Mali Palace”, “Little Chinese Medicine Practitioner”, “Inheriting Love: Ceramic Workshop”, and “Cultural Stage”, which teach students knowledge and help them cultivate a positive attitude and correct values.

Tuen Mun Community Green Station

Continuous Promotion of Environmental Education

As a green organisation, YOT has always actively participated in environmental protection and education work in the community. YOT has successfully completed the first 3-year contract of “Tuen Mun Community Green Station” and is striving to bid for the operating rights of the scheme for the next three years. YOT will continue to promote environmental education in Tuen Mun through its service units and sponsored schools and will continue to participate in efforts to cherish belongings, reduce waste, and promote clean recycling. YOT will also actively participate in community participation projects that use waste classification to prepare for municipal solid waste charging. It will also draw on its experience from participating in the “RVM Pilot Scheme” to actively respond to the consultations on the “Producer Responsibility Scheme on Plastic Beverage Containers” and fully support the vision of “Waste Reduction ‧ Resources Circulation ‧ Zero Landfill” advocated by the “Waste Blueprint for Hong Kong 2035”.

Taking One More Step for Citizens

Promoting the Beauty of Good Deeds

The above service report has given me a better understanding of the heavy responsibilities that I shoulder as the chairman of YOT. I also understand that the power of one person is limited. However, I firmly believe that we will be able to accomplish great things by adhering to the spirit of “Being Kind and Spreading Love from the Heart”, leading by example, and being considerate of others. Once again, I wish to thank our predecessors for their bold foresight and for laying a solid foundation of good deeds for YOT. Together with the 42nd Term of Board of Directors of YOT and my fellow YOT colleagues, I will do my best to help more citizens receive the services they need and promote good deeds. Thank you!