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Pooling the Wisdom and Efforts of Everyone

Walking Along with Love

“Love” is an associative character formed together by the characters “Heart” and “Receive” in Chinese. “Love” means to be dedicated, sensing the needs of others, considerate for individuals, caring for family, and even building a harmonious society. This goal cannot be achieved with my effort alone, it is my pleasure to have met kind-hearted fellows with a common goal – “Devote Ourselves to Charity Work Regardless of Return”. We are willing to share our network and valuable experience, as well as our enthusiasm and determination to serve the society and work closely with YOT to promote the spirit of love and spread warmth and care to the community.

Thanks to the great support from all members of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board, I feel a great sense of honor to be appointed as the Chairman of the new term of Board of Directors. Together we strive to serve the society with love by achieving the goal “Pooling the Wisdom and Efforts of Everyone and Walking Along with Love”, to benefit everyone by optimizing and developing diversified services.

Anti-epidemics Level Up

Voluntary Medical Consultation for the Grass-roots

In the wake of the widespread Coronavirus disease 2019 and prevalence of seasonal influenza in the summer season of May and June, YOT will launch the “Chinese Medicine Epidemic Prevention Level Up” under our Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinics and Chinese medicine centres to provide elders, patients with chronic diseases and frontline staff working in high-risk environments, with free and preferential Chinese medicine consultation and prescription, in a bid to adjust the dynamic relationship between the human internal organs and strike a balance between Yin and Yang, to improve diet and sleep quality and boost immunity to resist disease. It is expected to benefit 600 people.

Chinese Medicine Specialty Services To Cure Leg Cramps

Benefiting Grass-roots Elders

With a view to the “Peony – Liquorice Root Soup Treatment for Night Leg Cramp – Pilot Research” conducted by YOT, Tuen Mun Hospital and Integrative Medical Centre of the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a report in March 2020 shown that “Peony – Liquorice Root Soup” treatment is effective and safe to cure leg cramps. As a result, YOT will launch the“Elder Night Leg Cramps Treatment Scheme”, combining the“Free Consultation and Medicine” scheme, to provide subsidies for recipients of old age living allowance. The service scheme is expected to benefit 1,000 elders annually.

Strengthening Support for the Disadvantaged and the Sick

Benefiting More Citizens with Subsidy for Chinese Medicine Services

As the government expects the economic decline will take place during 2020-21, in view of this, “Yan Oi Tong – The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Clinic cum Teaching and Research Centre (Tuen Mun District)” and “Yan Oi Tong – The University of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Clinic cum Teaching and Research Centre (Island District)” will continue to provide the existing Chinese medicine services and also increase government-funded Chinese medicine clinic quotas starting from March 2020. Eligible Hong Kong residents can receive Chinese medicine internal medicine, acupuncture and/or bone setting massage services at HK$120; for CSSA recipients and recipients of higher old age living allowance aged 75 or above are even exempted from fees. It is expected to benefit a total of approximately 70,000 patients every year.

Subsidize Suspected ADHD Students to Receive Early Assessment

Seize the Golden Period for Treatment

At present, school children who are currently suspected of having Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) will be assessed by an educational psychologist or a clinical psychologist before being referred to a psychiatrist for diagnosis, in which the progress takes around 33 to 56 months. As a result, the golden period for treatment may be missed. “Yan Oi Tong Mrs Shi Lop Tak Youth & Children Medical Foundation” receives a generous donation of HK$360,000 from “Affectionate World Charitable Foundation”, to launch the “Affectionate World Charitable Education Psychological Assessment Service” in May 2020, which subsidizes 100 students who are suspected of having ADHD and referred by social workers and teachers at school from Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tsuen Wan district to receive a free assessment from an experienced educational psychologist, and refers suspected cases to appropriate medical institutions for early treatment if necessary.

Expand Funding Services

Bringing Hope to More Cancer Patients

In response to “Hong Kong Cancer Strategy” announced by the government in July 2019, “Yan Oi Tong Chong Suk Un Medical Fund (Cancer Aid)” continues to improve its services to meet the needs of cancer patients and reduce their financial burden while improving their quality of life and survival rates. In response to the addition of the Chemotherapy Centre at Tseung Kwan O Hospital, the Fund is planning to expand its funding services to Tseung Kwan O Hospital, to subsidize more disadvantaged cancer patients in Kowloon East to purchase self-financed drugs from the Hospital Authority and bring hopes to more patients and their families.

In addition, the Fund introduced “Cancer Patients Medical Devices Special Funding Programme” in 2011 to provide hospitals and cancer patients who are in need with a total of approximately HK$3.2 million funding, including the “Nutritional Supplement Aid Scheme” and electric nursing beds. Given that some of the cancer drugs may affect patients’ cardiac function, and patients need to undergo an echocardiogram for a checkup before treatment. The Fund is making an effort to provide subsidies for patients to obtain a private echocardiography, which alleviates the need for public hospitals and shortens the waiting time, thus leading to a much more effective treatment.

Taking Charge of District Health Centres

Enhancing Primary Health Care Services

Supporting the implementation of government policies, YOT is committed to introducing new services to meet different medical needs. To enhance district primary health care services, YOT is actively planning to undertake the operating right of the District Health Centres established by the Food and Health Bureau across18 districts in Hong Kong. With our rich experience in public-private partnership and medical-social collaboration, YOT aims to assist the government in raising citizens’ awareness of keeping a healthy life, preventing disease and managing personal health.

PolyU Yan Oi Tong Seedling with “Music and Art” Programme

Extension Programme of Music and Art Growth Play

As a school group, YOT is committed to cultivating young learners with care so they can thrive in a pleasant learning environment. In 2017, YOT launched the “Yan Oi Tong seedling with "Music and Art" Programme” with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), which has come to a successful conclusion in February 2020. An analysis of the effectiveness of the intermediate plan by the PolyU showed that performance improvement rates of the young children benefited from the programme in working memory, sequential exercise ability, executive ability and emotional recognition ability range from 10% to 23%. Due to the significant improvement, the programme is funded to provide music and art therapy training courses to our 10 kindergartens in this academic year. It is estimated that the total training time will be 160 hours with a total of 200 students benefited. In addition, YOT also plans to carry out the “Walk with Child” Forum and Press Conference in 2021. Apart from announcing the effectiveness of the programme, it will also act as a platform for Hong Kong and overseas education scholars, professionals and educational institutions to exchange teaching and research views, and hand-on experience on “New Direction on SEN”, as well as sharing their expertise.

Yan Oi Tong “Happy "Music, Art and Curling" Project”

Arousing Interest for Learning and Happiness Index of SEN Students

To meet the needs of SEN students, YOT implements “Happy "Music, Art and Curling" Project” which provides SEN students with a preliminary assessment. Proper training suggestions in five areas ranging from music therapy, happy dance therapy, joyful floor curling, creative arts, and board games will be provided responding to different needs. Registered therapists or qualified instructors are responsible for planning and implementing these professional and comprehensive activities to arouse students’ learning interest, psychological quality, happiness index, and resilience.

10th Anniversary for Yan Oi Tong Choi Wong Ling Ling Education Fund

Nurturing Talents on Artificial Intelligence and Environmental Protection

“Yan Oi Tong Choi Wong Ling Ling Education Fund” was set up to promote quality education programmes to improve students’ all-round development and global vision. Since its establishment, it has allocated more than HK$23 million and over 1.2 million students were benefited. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Fund, which plans to focus on nurturing talents on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and environmental protection. Scholarships are allocated to subsidize students who are interested in AI and environmental protection on their application for Masters and PhD degree. The graduates then give back to the community upon the completion of the degree. In addition, the Fund will organize a press conference and an AI seminar to invite experts to share how AI to be applied in education, as well as promoting academic exchange, in a bid to arouse students’ learning interest.

Yan Oi Tong Schools Miniature Model Exhibition

Enhancing the Public Understanding of Yan Oi Tong’s Educational Philosophy

YOT’s Education Services Division partners with Yan Oi Tong Lau Wong Fat Nursery cum Kindergarten to carry out a series of activities themed “Thanksgiving, Appreciation and Optimism”, including miniature model creation workshop for teachers. Our subordinate schools will be invited to create miniature models with the theme of “Thanksgiving and Joy” for a joint school competition and models to be exhibited at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. During the exhibition, education features of YOT’s schools will be introduced, as well as illustrating students’ learning outcomes through displaying concrete micro-models. It is hoped that the exhibition can enhance the public understanding of YOT’s educational philosophy, and promote treasure, care and an optimistic attitude towards life.

The “Third Edition of Yan Oi Tong Mentorship Programme”

Strengthening Personal Growth and Career Orientation

The “Second Edition of Yan Oi Tong Mentorship Programme”, title sponsored by the Yuen Yuen Institute and co-organized by “Yan Oi Tong Choi Wong Ling Ling Education Fund” with full support by the Education Bureau, was launched by YOT in 2017. Through the provision of 5 aspects including mentor navigation, professional work experience, overseas study projects, personality cultivation training and optimized study allowances, the programme successfully assisted 56 mentees to recognize their inner-self, build social networks and prepare for future careers. The “Third Edition of Yan Oi Tong Mentorship Programme” will be launched this year, which focuses on strengthening life planning training with the addition of workplace training, job shadowing experience and overseas work experience projects. The programme will organize workplace visits, industry sharing and workplace workshops for mentees on a regular basis. Meanwhile, it allows them to engage in real workplace experience with mentors in different industries to have a hand-on experience of the reality of different workplaces. Mentees with excellent performance can even take part in overseas work experience to accumulate valuable workplace experience for the future career.

Strengthening Community Support

Fostering Caring Families

Family is the basic unit of society. A harmonious family is not only the keystone of a strong and healthy society, but also the cradle of healthy personal growth. I am convinced that “Caring” is the most important element in building a harmonious family. Therefore, YOT has always been committed to supporting families who are in need, especially single-parent families and grass-roots families. “Yan Oi Tong Sunshine Programme” was established in 2013. With the generous support of the Sun International Group, besides providing single-parent families with financial assistance, the programme also deepens its service content by equipping them with professional skills. Through workshops on legal knowledge, employment training and related job allowances, in a bid to sharpen their job competitiveness, create positive living experiences and get them out of the doldrums.

To help residents of new public housing estates adapt to the new environment, YOT implements the cross-sectoral “Fly with CARE” programme with “C.A.R.E.” as an intervention model, which aims to develop the closely completed Kai Cheung Court, Wong Tai Sin into a caring community and build a mutual support network. C is Connection: Bringing the old neighborhoods into the new community through street booths, visits and different forms of regional activities. Taking the “New for Old” model, new neighborhoods are able to grasp the regional information and integrate into the community as soon as possible. A is Ability: Discovering the talents of residents and promoting sharing in the district; R is Resources: Making full use of the experience and advantages of YOT’s rich regional network and establishments to help new communities discover and integrate resources for good use and sharing; and E is Environment: Uniting neighborhoods through the above forms which makes the community more humane, and creates a harmonious and friendly green housing village through the recycling of resources and various workshops.

Enhancing Understanding on Cognitive Disorder

Building a Friendly Community

To credit the elders for their dedication and contribution to the society over the years, YOT is committed to caring for the senior buddies who are in need through providing dedicated services and promoting the message of respecting and loving the elders. To build a friendly community for the elders, YOT plans to carry out the “Shine for Dementia Friendly Microfilm Community Project”. Through organizing a territory-wide microfilm creation competition, primary and secondary school students, youth and the public are invited to participate in a series of workshops and visits to elderly service units, which allows them to interact with the elders suffered from cognitive impairment and their caregivers. Also, participants can meet with microfilm directors to learn how to make a movie that resonates with the community. The winning entry will be shown during the “Shine for Dementia Friendly Microfilm Community Project” Sharing Session. Through the programme, YOT hopes that elders with cognitive impairment and their caregivers can acquire related information regarding cognitive impairment support services and provide support to others. At the same time, volunteers at all walks can enhance their understanding of cognitive impairment during the activities to foster inter-generational harmony.

Encouraging Teenagers to Step out of Hong Kong

Fostering Innovation in the Society

To encourage the youth to unleash their talents and contribute to the community, the “Tuen Mun District Council Yan Oi Tong Youth Space” plans to lead teenagers to step out of Hong Kong. A group of “dream pursuer” will take part in the annual social innovation forum in the UK and engage in the implementation of different social innovation programmes and institutions. By drawing on the examples of social innovation in the UK, teenagers can be inspired to develop more sustainable social innovation projects in Tuen Mun. In the future, the Youth Space will continue to build a social-creation experiment platform in Tuen Mun to connect youth with the community and provide them with one-stop matchmaking, training, supervision and implementation services, to enhance the motivation and social influence of youth engagement in community activities and allow more social innovation projects to bloom in the community.

Expanding Training Services

In Response to Market Needs

In the face of social transformation and economic restructuring in Hong Kong, needs for vocational training, job counselling and job referral services have been surging, especially for people who reside in the New Territories West and Kowloon West. As a result, YOT expects to expand Yan Oi Tong Professional Training Centre in Sham Shui Po in late 2020 with additional nursing rooms to train more nursing talents. While the expansion of the training centre in our Tuen Mun Headquarters Building is expected to be completed and put into service in early 2021. The newly expanded training units include housekeeping rooms, nursing rooms, beauty rooms and hotel rooms, to enhance the supply of training facilities in the New Territories West.

Transitional Housing Project in the New Territories West

Providing Adequate Housing

With the objective to support the government of promoting the development of transitional housing, YOT is actively exploring the operating rights of the 5-year “The New Territories West Transitional Housing Project” undertaken at Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long, intending to provide about 410 units for low-income families in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long who have been long waiting for public housing over the years, including families residing in inadequate housing such as squatters and subdivided flats. The project is expected to operate on a non-profit basis, receive more than HK$200 million as funding subsidy for construction cost, and to be planned and constructed in the period of 2020 and 2021 and will be put into service in late-2021 to first quarter in 2022. The project aims to enhance the living environment of low-income families while connecting households and the community to achieve the objective of community construction, sharing economy, community care and green community through timely and adequate support services.

Special Scheme on “Privately Owned Sites for Welfare Uses”

Building a New Wing by Converting Headquarters Building

With the rapid development of YOT’s services, our Headquarters Building is facing the space shortage problem. As a result, YOT is committed to following up on the application of the Special Scheme on “Privately Owned Sites for Welfare Uses” implemented by the Social Welfare Department by converting the headquarters with a new wing to set up nursing home, early education and training centre, special child care centre and strengthen the day care centre for the elderly services. These services provide 250 service places in total and are expected to be completed and put into service in 2029.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Yan Oi Tong Green Adventure

Exploring Costa Rica on Sustainability

Apart from caring for the society and the disadvantaged, YOT has spared every effort in promoting environmental education. With the full support of “Yan Oi Tong Choi Wong Ling Ling Education Fund” and generous sponsorship by the public-spirited business sectors, “Yan Oi Tong Green Adventure” has led over 200 students on expeditions to Antarctica, Arctic, Mount Everest, Kenya, Amazon, Singapore, Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang, Sulawesi Island in Indonesia and Madagascar. It is highly commended by political, business, academic and the environmental protection sectors.

This year, “Yan Oi Tong Green Adventure 10th Anniversary Presents: Costa Rica Green Exploration Tour” is co-organized by YOT, the School of Biological Sciences of the University f Hong Kong and the Science Unit of the Lingnan University. The expedition brings high school students to visit Costa Rica, which is hailed as the “The World’s Most Environmentally Friendly Country” and the winner of the 2019 Champions of the Earth Award which was the highest environmental honor from the United Nations for its outstanding achievements in environmental protection, to conduct researches and exchanges to learn about the concept of sustainable development regarding biodiversity, renewable energy, ecotourism and reduction of carbon emission. Furthermore, the expedition allows students to explore the possibility of implementing related concepts and environmental protection facilities in Hong Kong to create a “Green Hong Kong” with the strength of the new generation.

Care for the Disadvantaged

Spreading Positive Energy to the Society

I understand how challenging is it to lead YOT to climb peak after peak. I attribute the constant solid growth of YOT to the predecessors’ unparalleled efforts, wits and visions, which has laid a solid foundation for YOT.

I am committed to sparing no efforts with the new Board of Directors to work hand in hand to promote the development of YOT, spreading out care and love to every citizen in need. Today is the Inauguration Ceremony, I hereby express my sincere hope that we will continue to receive unwavering support from government departments, prominent members of the community and generous sponsorship from like-minded organizations with the spirit of “Pooling the Wisdom and Efforts of Everyone and Walking Along with Love”, working together to promote positive energy and hope to the society. I wish you good health and happiness in your life. Thank you!

Dr YEUNG So Mui, Alice

Chairperson of the 41st Term Board of Directors of Yan Oi Tong